I know I have been MIA for a long while now but am glad that I finally have something worth sharing!

Recently, Skinlab launched in Chennai and I headed there as it was long due that I pampered my skin. I felt this experience was worth penning down for you guys to try too!

Skin lab chennai

The therapist cleansed my skin using the vitamin c facewash. Post cleansing, she analysed my skin and suggested me some beauty treatments best suited for my combination skin. We had a quick discussion about my skin concerns and decided to go with Hydropure pore treatment. Also since Skinlab is running an innaugral offer of 15% off on all services, I decided to splurge a little.

She started the session by applying generous amount of detan pack which acts as bleach. It did sting my skin a little and had a strong bleach fragrance. The therapist had set a timer of 5 mins and wiped it off on time. To calm down the skin, she used a cold towel to Pat my skin.

To prep my skin for the blackhead/ Whitehead extraction she used a steaming machine to open up the clogged pores. On my request the therapist was kind enough to be very gentle on the skin. She took her time and patiently extracted the blackheads and the breakouts.

Post this, she applied a toner. On drying, a medicated acidic powder was applied on my face and a high frequency machine was used. Rolling a high frequency machine helps to kill the active germs from the recently extracted breakouts and also rejuvenates the skin. This ensures that it doesn’t leave any acne spots.

To deeply hydrate my parched skin, a thick layer of hyaluronic gel was applied. The therapist used 2 probes on my skin. The first probe was used to massage the gel in to the skin while the second probe was an advanced version as it helps to penetrate the gel 30-40% deeper.

To finish it off, a thick mint colour seaweed brightening mask was applied for 10 mins. Lastly, protective cream was applied to seal the goodness and it keeps the skin UVA protected.

The session lasted for an hour approximately and costed RS. 3300. This indulgence was so worth the money and I highly recommend you to try their services.

I also got a foot express service done. Stay glued to know more about it.

For anyone interested, you can locate them at Khader Nawaz Khan road, Nungambakkam.

If you would like to see more such beauty service review blogs, post your comments below!

Adios for now.

Much love,



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