Good hair day deserves a selfie that’s how much we love it, right? Pampering your tresses with hair spa and treatments always saves the day but is a little heavy on the pocket no? So the best viable option would be a good shampoo conditioner and a hair oil to maintain your hair quality.

BTW, beer not only makes you happy high, it does wonders and makes your hair feel the same way. YESSS. You heard me right…Beer for hair is the best thing ever!

beer shampoo.PNG

Image source: Internet

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LOVE the quirky beer bottle shape and the bright packaging of course. Good sturdy bottle with a screw cap, what else can a girl ask! The beer shampoo costs Rs 155 for 180 ml which is pretty much affordable.They also offer different variants helping with damaged hair and shiny and bouncy hair.However, this is mildly fragrant and has a semi thick consistency. It does not lather up much but quite enough to get rid of any excess oil and dirt. This shampoo is mild on your hair. So worry not!

Now this beer shampoo is a sweet treat to your hair. Trust me, I shampooed my hair with this baby and skipped conditioning my hair. This made my hair more lustrous, frizz free and softer and NO… it did not made my hair smell like beer! I can’t say whether it helps with dandruff issue or not as I am blessed with dandruff free hair 🙂 I would suggest using this once a week and not on a regular basis as it weighs down your hair on the first day of hair wash. So the wiser thing to do is wash your hair a day prior to any special occasion.

I am already on my third bottle which concludes my final verdict on the Park Avenue anti dandruff beer shampoo.

Hope it helps!

Much Love,



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