Plum green tea face mask|Budget beauty guide |Product review

Summer skincare Must haves!

Well the temperature is already soaring up and getting us all sweaty and burnt up( not literally ) but yes,keeping yourself and your skin hydrated is pretty much a task. And to second that is the uneven skin tan!

Face mask review

If I am not wrong,I first heard of this Brand Plum about 2years ago and it has slowly become people favorite affordable skincare brand which makes products sulphur,alcohol and paraben free and to add to that it’s animal cruelty free too!Basically it’s made of all things good for your skin.

Green tea range was one of the first range which they launched and was a super hit.I was a little hesitant to try this range as it is specially for oily skin beauties it claims.

More about the product :

It’s a clay based mask priced at INR 490 that has glycolic acid which helps in getting rid of dead skin. With semi thick consistency, using s brush for an even application is recommended.It sure did make my skin tingle after few minutes of application for a minute or two and calmed down later.

Buy it here for INR 366 only :

The good part is on drying, it doesn’t give your skin a stretch feeling and you can wipe it off using a lukewarm towel or water if you wish to.

It definitely made my skin soft and much more brighter and refreshed right from the first use.

This would perfectly suit all skin types but people with extreme dry skin should moisturise your skin well after using this.

As Summers are already here,this is a good budget friendly addition to your skincare vanity to get rid of that extra oil and tan on your skin.

Doesn’t float your boat? Explore more face masks here :

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