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I AM A HOARDERRRRR OF SUNGLASSES …Did that caught your attention? That’s how much I love wearing shades. Shades are such a cool way to that extra edge and is always a savior on days you have puffy eyes or have ditched your eye liner or kohl. I wouldn’t deny the fact that buying good quality UV protection glares is very important but with this ever changing trends and expensive AF high end brands, I don’t mind giving into the guilty pleasures of buying dupes at a cheaper price.
Having said that, you should definitely have some go to good quality staples which has UV protection to avoid too much squinting and exert your eyes for those harsh sunny days.
Here’s my top 5 picks under INR 500 from Romwe.

1. Clear big sunglasses

This trend is here to stay and I haven’t got over it yet. These shades are so subtle yet add that extra oomph factor to the simplest of clothes.Let your eyes do some talking, I say!

Price: RS 389

Buy here:http://m.romwe.co.in/Double-Bridge-Metal-Frame-Glasses-p-258762-cat-695.html

2. Retro/vintage glasses
Retro and vintage looking glasses is back in trend and I am not even complaining. These look super chic, don’t they? Channel those retro vibes effortless by adding this style statement to your wardrobe.

Price: INR 356
Buy here:http://m.romwe.co.in/Oval-Shaped-Flat-Lens-Sunglasses-p-221733-cat-695.html

3. Cat eye
Cat eye frames look not only feminine and flirty but gives your face a defined structured. Finding a perfect cat eye that suits your face can be a pretty tough task. But it’s all worth it!

Price: INR 270

Buy here: https://www.romwe.co.in/Cat-Eye-Metal-Frame-Sunglasses-p-287331-cat-695.html

4. Wayferer

Basic wayfarers can never go out style, that can be styled up so effortlessly without a second thought and mirrored glasses just make it much cooler.

Price: INR 203


Bonus suggestion :
I could not pass on this like how strong, chic and bad ass does this look. Perfect to ace those street styles and join the trendsetters club in a jiffy. Basic blacks for the win!

Price : INR 329


5. Round classes

Who would have thought Gandhi’s round frames would become a rage .Well, round glasses have been around for quite some while now and is another quirky addition you.


Happy shopping!



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