Inatur sun spray review

Let’s be honest we end up being a little ignorant towards body care when compared to the face and as I type this I feel equally guilty.Having said that I try to moisturise or UV protect my hands and feet at least thrice a week.

Sunscreens are not just meant for the warmer months as the ultimate goal after tanning and rashes is definitely to protect your skin from those harmful UV rays.(though it should be vice a versa)

(One of the unboxing clips from Instagram stories)

I m sure we do dread those sticky lotion Sunscreens and not to mention how messier it gets.

Where to buy:

Priced at INR 450 this has some amazing combination of active herb ingredients making it much more awesome for your skin.this is UV protected and has such pleasing fragrance while the texture is so light like water.Its spray pump mechanism makes it even more better making our lives easier.

This is such a must have when you are on the go and for everyone who is looking for a suncreen which is light and non greasy on the skin.

Hope this helps and go get yourself UV protected now!

Much love,



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