Ryaal black mess charcoal cleanser review

Second up in my charcoal series is a charcoal cleanser by Ryaal.

Cleansers are usually in a liquid form and some non soap cleansers come in powder form while this baby is different from the usual and comes in a thick paste which has to be mixed with either milk/water.(the choice is yours)

Complimenting the name and the star ingredient charcoal it comes in a sturdy black coloured tub,priced at 550 and is exclusively available on Amazon.

Buy here : https://www.amazon.in/dp/B075TB1FQW?m=A1DWFOY85WOZ6Q&ref_=v_sp_detail_page

My take on it :

The earthy fragrance,micro granules for exfoliation and the black rich thick consistency is a good formulation all together.

I sometimes like to leave it as a pack for 15 minutes so that way it’s multifunctional.

It’s definitely light on the skin and cleanses the skin very well.My skin looked much more fresh and brighter after use.

Some people might find it time consuming to dilute it with milk or water on a daily basis.

People who are outdoors too much should give this is a try as it will gently exfoliate the skin getting rid of all the dust and impurities.

I prefer using this 2-3 times a week depending on my skin needs.

*Always do a patch test before you use*

Final verdict: 4.3/5 Much love, CBB.

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