Nykaa X Dear packer charcoal sheet mask review.


A little late to the party but I have been totally loving charcoal products for my face right from sheet masks to cleansers an even scrub.

Firtst up in the charcoal series is the Nykaa x dear packer charcoal sheet mask .

Sheet masks are my favourite way of pampering my skin as it is mess free, so convenient to use and most importantly gives that instant inner glow to the skin.

What’s different ?

A while ago Nykaa collaborated with dear packer ( Korean brand) to curate sheet masks which fits asian faces well and using all traditional ingredients right from haldi to yogurt and even fenugreek!

Buy them here : https://nykaa.ly/P_205477

Before I even begin with the review, can we take a moment and appreciate how adorably and vibrantly packaged are these?

Priced at INR 100 these sheet masks are comparatively thin cotton sheets while the colour of this sheet mask is unusual and black in colour and is not excessively drenched in serum than required.

Talking about the star ingredient ‘Charcoal’ it did an amazing job in pulling out impurities and tightening pores.I could see visible difference and the glow almost lasted for 2 days.

This sheet mask is hands down my favorite of all time and from their range.

Will be reviewing other variants if you want to know more, shoot me in the comments below.

Final verdict:

Come to Mommy! Definitely re-purchasing this.

P.S feels amazing to be back at it and penning down my thoughts for you.

Untill next time,

Much love,


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