Nyx professional makeup tinted brow mascara review

BROWS ON FLEEK? The struggle of filling in brows and then setting it with it a brow gel to make it stay in place is a time consuming affair! “Well defined eyebrows is half makeup done right”

Tinted brow mascara is a boon on days you are running late.

Nyx brow mascara will not only hold your brows in place but also fill in those sparse niches giving you those naturally Fuller/thicker brows and lasts almost the whole day.Its perfectly sized soft bristles makes it very convenient to use and doesn’t even stiffens your brows or becomes crusty. I like the fact that it is not overly pigmented as sometimes it could look too unnatural.It comes in a travel friendly lightweight brown cylindrical chic bottle with a black cap. Comes in 4 different color variants and I chose brown as it compliments Indian skin stone beautifully. How to use: Brush your brows downwards which would fill in the sparse areas and once done just brush it the regular way in the shape you desire. Priced at INR 600 is a little pricey for an eyebrow gel. Cons:

  • Not very reasonable
  • Not very favourable when you want a sharp eyebrow look.

I am yet to try the cheaper alternatives available in the market but for now I am totally loving it. Would rate it a 4.2/5. See you soon! CBB.

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