Inatur herbals

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What’s striking about the brand INATUR (IN- innovation , NATUR – nature) is it emphasises on the ingredients they use, trying to keep as organic as they can while strongly adhering to the content given out on the label and also you have a wide variety of products which are sulphate and paraben free.

Did I mention their products are animal cruelty free?*Brownie point*

“With monsoons kicking in , as much as we love the cozy climate stepping out in the rains is a struggle in itself. Maintaining feet hygiene is all the way more important no matter how lazy we feel and INATUR’s lavender kit makes for a perfect companion! Here s why :


Feet odour can be so embarrassing and getting rid of those bacteria ain’t a one day solution. Its travel friendly packaging and easy spray mechanism is a win win! Sweaty feet folks this is a must have, just spritz it between your toe’s at regular intervals.


I love the fragrance of this scrub,it’s so pleasant and soothing at the same time.Coming to it’s function, it does an amazing job in removing the dead cells while the formulation is so nourishing with some awesome herbs extract(check the label below) leaves my feet soft and supple.Absolute favourite!


This is something I never followed religiously but now that I work in an AC room for 10 hours straight my feet looks nothing less than Sahara desert.This thick moisturizer blends into the skin so well and again keeps my feet moisturised for a good 3-4 hours.


Overall verdict : I love the scrub and moisturiser more than the spray.

Where to buy :

Would rate it a 4.5/5.

See you soon.

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