Innisfree jeju volcanic nose pack review


Hello lovers!

I had been familiar to nose peelers as a kid but that beauty trend didn’t last long . Surprisingly they ‘ve made a comeback in the Indian beauty market with some crazy new Korean brand launches in India.

Keeping it short and simple, let’s just talk about the product already, Shall we?

For a price point of INR 300 for 6 masks it’s a good deal and with some fancy ingredients like volcanic ash it surely would do wonders was my first thought.The internet was any which way full of mixed reviews so I thought of giving it a try.

It feels like a band aid with excess glue which when placed on wet nose sticks around easily and is pretty comfortable.After a good 15-20 mins , not surprised by the pain I had to go through to get rid of it but was it worth the pain?

NOPE! It leaves a weird glue like thing on the nose if your nose is not wet enough on application which I had to wash off.In addition,it didn’t make much of a difference to my black or white heads .I could see some cunk on the mask but not very effective I would say.

This my friends, is a clear Miss for me.

Would rate it 2/5.

If you have tried it let me know your feedback in the comments below!

Untill next time,

Much more love to you šŸ’‹


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