COLOR RIOT Surprise surprise guess who’s back with regular blogs? I hope you all enjoy reading my blogs as much as I love creating them.

“Colors are such a visual delight and speak so much more than you can ever describe. If you ever must have attended a typical south Indian wedding, you would have realized how much south Indians love brighter hues when it comes to dressing up and this outfit represents the same but this time I went a little bolder with 3 different colors palettes”

When it comes to ethnic wear, what irks me is that you spend so much only to wear it once or twice and then it lies in your wardrobe for ages because you definitely don’t want it to look like an uniform at every function that you attend. This is where colors come into play and color blocking for me is smart styling which gives me so much more freedom to jazz things up for every occasion. Since the colors do the talk, I went for minimal accessories with open hair and bright lips.A bindi and sunglasses add the perfect swag and tied the look together.

A huge shoutout to Faisal AK for clicking me so well! Go stalk him on: FB – Instagram – Thank you so much for dropping by. Much love, CBB

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