Effortless Styling for Men.

HELLO HELLO everyone.This post is a little different from my regular ones and special too as my friend Raj thorat makes his blog debut while I dig in a little to talk about men’s Fashion.


If you ever accompanied a guy on his shopping spree or tried styling your brother/friend for a special something then you would know the struggle of finding something different than the usual. When it comes to Men’s fashion, generally I find it monotonous and boring as there is nothing much to experiment with but that’s really not the thing. Here’s why:

“Not so long ago, when my friend asked me for some outfit ideas for his sister’s wedding, I realized when it comes to Styling Men it’s all about the fabric, the cuts, how well tailored it is and still the little elements that stand out only to compliment the personality and not overpower it.

Ladies, the key here is less is more

When I glance through the photos, what hits my mind is the effortless styling with basic accessories that quirks up his look that compliments his true personality seamlessly.

Simplicity FTW 🙌

Paisley print nehru jacket, kolhapuri chappals and an aviator to up the swag quotient! Pretty cool must say🤘

So next time you go shopping you know what to look for 🙂

Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback you guys 😘

Much love,


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