The Clash of the Prints!


A quick hello my lovelies.

Being a fashion enthusiast I love experimenting with prints, colors,unusual styling and I prefer styles which never go out of trend. Not that I am staunch follower of trends but once in a while I do indulge in one! (pleads guilty) haha..


Sporting a saree with contrast ethnic blouses and styling it the regular pleated or floating way is way too overdone and still remains the classic hands down. 

“Neatly pleated saree wrapped loosely around the waist while adding a modern touch to the blouse with cut works on the shoulder and a zipper instead of buttons was a successful experiment! Pairing an understated contemporary saree with a completely different brocade print  did  not only justice to my look but also  made heads turn”

Adding a personal touch to the outfit definitely stands out from the crowd!

Some may like it while some won’t,that doesn’t mean that something went wrong with your outfit!PPPP Just remember that everyone has a different style and you dress up cause you enjoy doing that, don”t you?

So use your creative juices and let that confidence ooze out through your own personal style.



Don’t forget to let me know how you like this outfit and post ♥️

Untill next time,

Much love




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