THE FACE SHOP CHIA SEED no shine intense hydrating cream review

CIAO Dehydrated skin !

Korean products needless to say work like magic(trust me they are worth the hype ) and their packaging game is so on point nevertheless! I am going a little crazy lately with so many new launches and the face shop chia seed no shine moisturizer is my absolute favorite,its safe to say that I am obsessed with this baby.

About the product :

  • This hydrating cream provides a surge of moisture to relieve dehydrated skin and absorbs excess sebum at the same time.
  • The moisture sensor formula provides intense hydration.
  • Uses GMO free chia seed.
  • No 7 chemicals.

    Price : Rs 1990

    Buy here :

    My Take on the product :

    Right from the packaging to the formulation, this little jar is sheer L O V E. It comes in a double wall jar, transparent on the outside with a light metallic green layer on the inside while the silver matte cap adds to its premium packaging. I am a sucker for details and the lid has a little heart shaped carved out to pull it up which is something not every brand comes up with. Wait ,we are not done also has a plastic spatula to scoop out the product which means no dunking in/no mess = Happy me!

    “Enriched with chia seed extracts and mattifying cotton seeds, this is hands down the best moisturizer I have ever come across with its extremely light formula ,fresh fragrance and no shine properties this is sure to win hearts. Chia seeds in the cream absorbs the water and retains it in the skin leaving your skin plumped up, baby soft and moisturized”

    This is suitable for all skin types and is perfect with the crazy confusing humid weather going on! I can recommend this at the top of my voice without a doubt. It is a little pricey but guess what Nykaa had an amazing offer of 30% off on the face shop products currently So hurry up and order yours now!

    Tippani 101 : Try patting the product into your skin rather than massaging it,you will see the difference for yourself!

    Thank you so much for dropping in.

    Untill Next time,

    Much love,


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