YOU are body type YOU


A quick hello !

                   Depressingly bodyshaming/body issues have become so common these days.Personally I have been bodyshamed from a time when i did’nt even knew such a word existed! I am currently almost 6ft tall with a not so perfect body which people think of.Been there and now i am done and dusted with people’s fake ideology of perfection!

Throughtout my childhood i was called by all kind  of weird names and trust me it was’nt even funny (the list is too long). People even take a lot of time and effort from their lives to even suggest that i should take up bodybuilding or wrestling !Thanks for  wasting 10 mins of your life on me and making me realise that dumb people exists! Sweet enough, uh?

Well it took me a long time to understand and deal with all of this because my confidence was shattered and even now I ain’t confident all the time.honestly there’s no rule or guide  on  how to love yourself  because no one can ever teach you self love except YOU YOURSELF !

Too much melodrama ?No.Not everyone will be mean to you. I have also come across people who admire my height who want to be tall like me or envy my height! People just step in front of me at public places to just ask about my height  :p (I ‘ve had many such funny encounters). Lesser know fact : 3-4 years back i was offered to be a part of Indian women’sbasketball team without even any audition/interview reason being my  height!

It’s all about the perspective which you choose, makes a mountain of a difference! The choice is yours. Dont wait for people to accept you. Own it and demand it from them.

I ‘m me, You’re you we are one of a kind thats what makes us unique,awesome isn’t it? labelling a body type as an hourglass , an apple or a pear only encourages one to dress a certain way. Always tell yourself ‘YOU ARE BODY TYPE YOU’ dont let others take away your individuality.
People have this misconception that body positivity is some kind of a cure/solution that if you are body positive you will never ever feel bad about yourself.personally I myself am not confident all the time i self doubt sometimes i am scared but thats okay.Take your time! Help your self overcome your doubts,insecurities that holds you back.

This is just a refection of my feelings,thoughts but the Reality was way more tough than it sounds.I din’t want it to be Rant or an essay where i am throwing out all the my bad experiences or my negative thoughts!

Ladies own it ! Embrace yourself and not let anyone pull you down!

Hope you like it.

Untill then,

Much love 


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