DIY Patches :)

Hiee everyone!

DIY crafty things. are one of my favourite things to do They are easy and you can make something that’s totally specific to your taste.Since patches are all over the place I thought I’d make some quirky patches to go with a mint shirt which i bought ,while i was on my street shopping spree but never ended up wearing it .But you can make these patches and team it up with a t shirt/jacket/shoes/bag/pants literally with everything you want to and these would make for a great casual wear and you can flaunt them all year round.


All you need is :

  • A thick cloth (I used my old jeans)
  • Some acrylic paints/fabric paint/nail paint
  • Black ball pen
  • A scissor and glue
  • Nail base coat / Mod podge.

And oodles of patience πŸ™‚

The first step is to draw your favourite symbols/smileys etc I would suggest you to choose such things which are easy to draw, paint and cut . Paint it with acrylic paint or you could even use nail paints to do so . You might have to paint it twice or thrice to make the colour pop and opaque.Once done just outline it with a black pen to make it look more defined and top it off with a nail base coat so it lasts longer and has a nice sheen to it.


Cut it out and roughly place it on your shirt to see how it looks I went a little overboard by placing too many because DECISIONS ! look at them how can u even decide which one to not use 😦 anyhow if you like it go ahead and stick it with a fabric glue. And Voila!

So pretty! And so easy too, right? . If you are one of those girls eyeing on an expensive patch jackets/shirts, I think you’ll have a really fun time making and customising your own pair. Its so budget friendly , give it a shot and see what you come up with!



Now, excuse me while I go make a ton more of these cuties! Happy crafting!

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