Republic day- Tricolour inspired Nail art Ideas

Hello guys!

Do you find yourself constantly browsing online for newer and exciting trends in nail art? From  experimental quirky designs to the finest in elegance, you know you can’t have enough.

Well, off lately I have been loving doing  Nail art  for myself Strangely as I am very lazy when it comes to nail art  because PATIENCE! . I find it difficult to draw anything in such little space with precision. I m sure everyone does but we can always try isn’t it ? I have been constantly trying and looking for ideas which are simple yet look pretty .Particularly when it comes to a theme nail art like Tricolour nail art, you wont find much of any ideas or Nail art photos on the internet other than the Original Flag symbol and Since Republic day is around the corner why not create some tricolour inspired nail art.

You can buy a wide variety of nail paints : and

I created 3 different nail art keeping the tricolour in  mind and these are simple,easy and perfect for newbies like me.You can always change up colours and patterns to your choice and create something of your own.Hope you like it and if you do try out these, don’t forget to share it with me 🙂


Untill next time. Much Love.


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