Colorbar Hydra whitening undereye ser

Hey everyone!

It is a known fact that the skin around your eye is thinnest layer of skin on your entire body, therefore the most sensitive and requires utmost care as you age.If you ever notice your under eye skin looks a bit dull compared to your entire face and that’s exactly the reason which made me want to try an under eye cream.




Price : Rs 890 for 12 ml

Where to buy :


What Colorbar says about this product :

An innovative and efficacious eye serum that infuses brightness into your eye contour. It boosts micro-circulation while actively targeting dark circles and pigmentation. TheLIGHT and comfortable texture melts deeply into the skin providing instant and long-lasting hydration. Suitable for all skin types.

How to use product :

  • Press the tube gently and load a small amount on the tip.
  • Massage gently into your eye area directly from the applicator tip.



My take on the product :

The reason why i chose to try Colorbar Hydra whitening under eye serum over the other creams  is because i was so intrigued by packaging to be very honest. It comes in a blue tube packaging with a silver cap and a has a metal applicator designed in a slanting circular structure with a small opening in centre  which oozes out the product when you squeeze the tube.The metal applicator perfectly glides on the under eye area  and one needs to be careful not  to apply a lot of pressure .The metal applicator makes  it much more convenient to massage making it mess free and hygienic .The product is  very light weight in texture  with a mild fragrance, white in colour and dries transparent after few minutes of application.I preferably use it during night time before moisturising my face. On application you will instantly feel a cooling effect  which is so relaxing for the eyes especially after a tiring day.My under eye area looks hydrated and better than before but  it wont fade away your dark circles completely . However u can surely  see a visible  difference over a course of time.

Pros :

  • Travel friendly.
  • The metal ball applicator gives a cooling effect.
  • Very convenient to use.
  • Product doesn’t get contaminated unlike other eye creams which come in a jar or bottle.


  • Expensive.
  • It irritates if it gets into the eyes.
  • It doesn’t dry quickly.

Hope this helps you.Happy monday guys!

Much love. xoxo





















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