Kiehl’s Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque review.

Hey everyone!

Kiehl’s cilantro and orange extract pollutant defending masque was an impulsive purchase as I have never tried sleeping masks earlier. I have been using this product for over 3 months now and I can  gladly  say that this has become one of my favourite product.


Here is the review:

Price: Rs 1350 for 28 ml.

You can buy it online at  :


What kiehl’s says about the product :

1. Your nighttime mask to purify and protect skin.

2. This protective facial masque defends and replenishes skin to help reduce the visible effects of pollution.

3. Formulated with Cilantro and Orange Extract,  treatment masque helps skin feel strengthened against environmental aggressors while helping to prevent impurities from adhering to skin. With continued use, dull, unhealthy looking skin is renewed, radiant and protected.

How To Apply:

-A tissue-off formula, to be used as final, leave-on step of the nighttime routine.

Key ingredients:

Orange Extract

A strong antioxidant blocks damage-causing pollution that attaches to the skin.

Cilantro Extract

Helps to strengthen the skin barrier to keep skin replenished, hydrated, and supplied with essential nutrients often depleted by pollution damage.

My take on the product :

The kiehl’s cilantro and orange extract pollutant defending masque comes in see-through green jar bottle with a regular twist open cap. The packaging is quite sturdy and won’t break or get damaged if dropped. The product is sticky thick cream like texture and is pale green in colour. It has a minty fragrance which I am not very fond of. The cream gets absorbed after a few minutes of application without leaving any residue behind. It takes longer to absorb if you massage it, as it turns into a white cream making it difficult to blend. Since its a sleeping mask I would suggest you pat it on the skin rather than massaging. You need only a small quantity is required to cover the entire face. It did not cause any tingling reaction on my skin when applied. It sinks into the skin without a trace and one would begin to see a difference in the skin’s appearance in a week’s time. This is a nighttime mask which I use after cleansing toning and moisturising my skin, thereby patting it on my skin gently which leaves your skin glowy and hydrated the next morning.

If you have dull skin this is a great pick for you. The good part is it does not leave any white cast behind and makes your skin glow over a course of time. I have been using this product since mid September and it would last me for another 2  months as you need very little amount of it. My skin being sensitive, did began to show improvement and definitely loves it. Initially I used more product than needed,and it made my skin look oily for sometime and felt sticky.  The product is quite worth the price  as it lasts for a good amount of time and works its magic on the skin as well. For winters it doesn’t make your skin feel oily but during the summers or if u stay in a humid place for a good 15-30 minutes your skin might feel slightly oily and sticky

Pros  :

  1. Sturdy packaging
  2. Small amount needed for each application
  3. Lasts longer
  4. Skin looks glowy and hydrated.

Cons  :

  1. Makes the skin slightly oily and sticky  after application  for 15-30 minutes during summers or if overused.
  2. Not available in all cities in india.

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